geeks are sexy… and blog tips

You gotta love the internet… our radio alarm clock is tuned to RadioLive talkback so we are woken every morning to the sound of Marcus Lush chewing the fat with callers about topical, sometimes inane, subjects… the other morning I caught part of a brief interview call about Facebook and the social networking phenomenon.

I wanted to follow this up further as I was thrilled that online communities are finally becoming more main stream in NZ. I thought the interviewee was from geekzone but no… so I checked the RadioLive website (where you can actually listen to the podcast) and discovered Marcus had been talking to Brian Boyko, a blog commentator and blogger at geeksaresexy… so I googled Brian… then emailed him through the geeksaresexy site to say hi (and to reassure him someone in little ‘ol NZ was awake and listening and appreciating the interview) and within hours heard back from the Texan. He’s even visiting and thinking about moving to NZ. Fantastic!

Anyhow… I’m doing a bit of talking to business women’s groups around the country and I rave about blogs (and online communities) so if any of you are reading this after listening to my talk and want some useful tips about blogging check out these posts from the geeksaresexy site (thanks geeksaresexy!). First post is about writing blog posts that people will read and the other is about making money from your blog (if this is what you choose to do).

  • Brian Boyko

    Nice to see this. :)

    I’ve done quite a bit of blogging – isn’t the only site I contribute to. My 9-5 day job is editor of, a vendor-blog for NetQoS.

    Feel free to send people with questions about blogging my way.

    And yes, I just managed to get a few key interviews for a documentary I’m filming in NZ in November. In fact, just this weekend, Former PM, Rt. Hon. Jenny Shipley, agreed to do an interview for the doco. I’ve got a (what else) blog up about the project at

    — Brian Boyko. (The Texan on the radio)

  • sterlingcamden

    Thanks to the link to my post on [GAS] (just got the pingback)!