SlideShare – sharing your ideas with the world

What it is:  SlideShare lets you share your presentations and ideas with the world. You can share publicly or privately.

How to leverage slideshare:
– upload your best presentations (or create some especially) to share your expertise; or as a smart viral marketing tool.
– Embed the link on your website or blog for potential or exisiting customers to view your slides
– download relevant slideshows to add to your own presentations (or website or blog)

Look for: The slideshow on ‘Death by Powerpoint’ (already viewed 345,000 times) makes for a valuable tutorial on how to make a great slide presentation.
Check out ‘Meet Henry’ for a fabulous example of how you can use slideshare for smart promotion of your business. Meet Henry has been viewed 107,000 times.

In a nutshell: YouTube with slides instead of video.